Why My Dogs Destroy Everything? Reason Behind Destructive Nature.

You would be worrying, why your dog destroys everything. Destructive behaviors of dogs is quite unknown to pets owner.

Their could be a multiple reason why your dog behave such a strange way.

You should always feel concerned when you found your dog:

  • chew different object and destroy it
  • Scratching or scraping your doors, walls or furniture
  • destroying your foods or supplies
  • destroying your garden.

Why Your Dogs Destroys Everything?

Let look into multiple reason why your dogs destroys everything:

Your dog spending lots of time alone:

You may have not observed but it would be true that your dog is spending their time alone.

Most of the owner keep their dog alone in their house. The dog keep waiting for the owner to return. They like to play with their owner or need an attention.

Due to boredom, they start chewing anything or keep scratching something.

Lack of Exercise:

Every dog need an exercise on a daily basis. Even lack of exercise turn them into monster.

You have to make sure that you take your dog outdoor on a daily basis or play with them on a playground or park.

By keeping dog all time indoor increases their stress level and then they attack your personal belonging.

They didn’t know where to vent out their energy. They keep following you all the time to grab some attention. Sooner or later this develop an anxiety and that can be destructive.

Destroying everything make them relax or you can say it help them to evacuate their stress.

Digging or chewing is natural:

If your dog unnecessarily dig anywhere, it means they love to do it. They still don’t know why they are doing it, but proper training may help them.

Puppies always enjoy getting their teeth on some object, when their teeth are growing.

Teething can be painful for some dogs and by chewing it help them to release pain.

Hungry dogs:

It has been said that hungry dogs are destructive dog. So, you need to take care of their hunger.

You need to look after their diet plan. Whether the food, what you are giving, is satisfactory for them.

Good and organic food are always keep your dog healthy. Avoid foods that contain unnecessary chemical or foods that you can get in a low price.

In a marketplace, you will find lots of cheap product that are harmful and can destroy your dog health.

Natural and healthy food are always suited best for them. It won’t make them fat or increase craving.

Dogs Health Problems:

Dogs health problems are sometimes unattended by their owner. They generally do some destructive behavior to grab your attention.

You need to have a regular checkup or keep watching them, how they are behaving.

When they are ill, they won’t eat too much, not even drink water constantly.

You will also find out that they drool excessively, bite their sides or paws, chew the fur of their sides or paws.

Bottom line:

Once you spend sufficient time with your dogs, you will definitely come to know their destructive behavior and how to sort out. In most cases, it is very quick to judge and fix it.

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