Declawing Cats Pros and Cons: Alternative to Declawing a Cat

Declawing Cats Pros and Cons_ Alternative to Declawing a Cat

Are you thinking of declawing your cats? Do you think declawing is necessary? Is their a way to avoid declawing? Many question related to declawing arises in the mind of cat owners. But, still declawing cats is a very controversial issue. What is declawing a cat? Declawing a cat is a surgical method that involves … Read more

Why My Dogs Destroy Everything? Reason Behind Destructive Nature.

Why My Dogs Destroy Everything Reason Behind Destructive Nature

You would be worrying, why your dog destroys everything. Destructive behaviors of dogs is quite unknown to pets owner. Their could be a multiple reason why your dog behave such a strange way. You should always feel concerned when you found your dog: chew different object and destroy it Scratching or scraping your doors, walls … Read more